Fight Forever Preview and Predictions

On Friday, September 22 and 23, FLW brings wrestling back to Fargo, ND with Fight Forever. As is normal, there are some huge matches over the 2 nights. Titles will be defended, friendships will be tested, and debuts will be made!

Friday night's card is stacked with great match-ups, returns and debuts. Lets's get the preview and predictions going.

"The Minnesota Wrecker" Josh Price will make his debut taking on "Buckshot" Bobby Brennan for the No Limits Title. This should be an exciting match, and Sylvester J. Fox will be felt early and often as he will second Price in the match. Bobby has been a great fighting champion, and even with Fox being at ringside, I think Brennan will walk away with the title.

Airwolf vs "The Warhorse" Jake Parnell for the Zero1 International Junior Heavyweight Title. You want high flying? You want big moves? You want tons of action? This match is for you. Parnell will be making his return to FLW. The last time we saw The Warhorse, he was part of one of the most hard hitting tag teams, The Viking War Party. How will he be able to handle his return? He's been all over the country, but will that be enough to take care of the equally heavy traveled  Airwolf? In this match, it should be. Parnell will walk out of this match as champion.

Chainsaw King vs Orin Veidt in a grudge match. Last month we saw the man behind the videos directed to King was no other than Veidt. In doing so, he's made an enemy of a very dangerous man. King is no stranger to violence as seen in his matches with Kodi Rice, Darin Corbin, and Christian Rose. Has Veidt bitten off more than he can chew? He's been impressive in his first few matches in FLW, but he had better have updated his life insurance policy. King will stop at nothing at making sure he walks away winner in this match.

Macen Mayhem vs Joey Anderson vs Scott Story for the 24/7 Fargo Championship. Scott Story walks in with Sly Fox at his side and the Fargo Championship around his waist. Since this is a 24/7 title, it's hard to tell if someone else will try to walk out as champion, but I'll keep it to just these 3 men, and I can see Joey Anderson taking the title home with him this month.

Duke Cornell's Outlaw Championship Open Challenge. Who will answer Duke's open challenge? It could be anyone, but I can't see Duke walking out without his title tonight.

Darin Corbin will be fighting for the FLW Heavyweight title on Saturday Night against Mr. InKredible, but before that, he and his tag team partner, Kody Rice, will be taking on InKredible. This is a match to soften up the Champion, and it doesn't matter if the Tag Champions win or not. Their job is to make sure that InKredible isn't at 100% for Saturday night, and that's what will happen. InKredible will walk out the winner, by DQ, and he will also walk out Saturday night with the big belt as well.

Along with these great matches, former WWF, WCW, ECW, and NJPW super star, Pat Tanaka will be in attendance. He will be there on Saturday night to sign autographs. What else does he have in store? You'll have to wait to see!

Brad Reiter