Fully Loaded Top 10

Last week Pro Wrestling Illustrated released their yearly 500. For those that don't know, they rank the top 500 wrestlers in the world. Since then, everyone and their mother has decided to put out their top 10 list. I've decided to jump on the train and I'm doing the top 10 for Fully Loaded Wrestling. It'll be the top 10 from September 1, 2016 through September 1, 2017. Without further ado, here is the list:

 10) Kody Rice - The Husky Heartthrob has been on a roll as of recently. He, along with fellow Minnesota Mafia partner Darin Corbin, were able to capture the FLW Tag Titles. They weren't able to defend the FLW Cup with positive results, but Rice has been plowing through to competition.

9)  Joey Anderson - After finding himself and turning on long time partner Duke Cornell, Joey Anderson has certainly changed his attitude over the past year. Once, he was one of the more beloved wrestlers in the company, but something seems to have switched in him, and now he's out for only himself, and he doesn't care who he has to step over on the way to the top. 

8) Tommy Lee Curtis - The Jacked Jesus, along with his manager Sylvester Fox, have been a thorn in the side of many a wrestler on the FLW roster. Since retiring Deicide last year, TLC has seen his stock skyrocket. He had a chance to capture the top prize in FLW, but so far he's been unable to do so. It won't be long before TLC, and Sly Fox, are running things and calling the shots.

7)  Arik Cannon - The only official PBR pro wrestler, The Anarchist, has been nothing short of amazing this year. He's been able to turn aside all obstacles in his way. He has a long running feud with Darin Corbin, one of the best feuds in the country. Cannon was also featured in an episode of wrestling show for Cruiserweights for the company up North. Cannon has had a few Match of the Year candidates. So far gold has been just out of his reach this year, but it's only a matter of time before Arik is rocking a belt or 2.

6) Darin Corbin - Darin has had his ups and downs throughout the year, but he's always been a main player for every title around. Owner of one of the most devastating finishers in the game today, The Ginger Snap, Corbin is never more than a 3 count away from adding to his already long list of accomplishments. To end the grading period, he and Kody Rice added to Darin's list of title wins with the FLW Tag Team Title.

5) Duke Cornell - His long time partner, Joey Anderson, turned on him, and it looked like Duke was in for a very long year. He's fought his way back to the top of the card, and in the possible Match of the Year, the 6 way for Christian Rose's Heavyweight and Outlaw Titles, Cornell was able to get the pinfall leading to walking away with the Outlaw Title. As of press time, we were still waiting for Duke and Joey to have their face to face to clear the air. Can Duke really trust his former best friend and partner?

4) Mr. InKredible - InKredible has an up and down year for FLW, but by the end of the grading period he had won the big one. InKredible was part of the 6 way match for Rose's Outlaw and Heavyweight titles. After Duke Cornell got the pin fall for the Outlaw title, InKredible was able to climb the ladder and bring down the title he has been fight for for so long. Mr. InKredible has proven that hard work does indeed pay off. 

3) Bobby Brennan - The current No Limits Champion is on a hell of a run. He was named FLW Rookie of the Year and followed that up with a huge No Limits Title tournament win. He's moving up the ranks, and will one day hold the Heavyweight Title. 

2) Christian Rose - Rose held the Outlaw Title for much of the year, and was able to be the first person to pin Chainsaw King. It was after a hard fought match so King was already tired, but Rose still got the pin. In doing so, he became the first man to hold both the Outlaw and the Heavyweight titles at the same time. He lost both titles in what many are calling the Match of the Year for FLW, the 6 way ladder match with both titles on the line. He followed that loss up with a great match against the returning Jacob Austin Young in a rematch of last year's Match of the Year. 

1) Chainsaw King - King reigned for most of the year as the FLW Heavyweight Champion before bested by Christian Rose in a sneak attack. Since then, King has been on a path of destruction to regain his title. Time will tell if he will be able to do that, but in the meantime, he is the top dog.  

Brad Reiter