It's All A Dream

Whenever you watch a sport, you always think about dream match-ups. What would happen if LeBron and Michael ever played one on one? Gretzky vs Bobby Orr? And for sure, we've all thought about these match-ups in the squared circle. Andre The Giant vs Big Show, The Hardy Boyz vs The Rockers, etc. With indy wrestling as popular now as it's ever been, some match-ups could be done today, but there are still some that we all wish to see. This week I'll be taking a look at a few matches I dream about happening in FLW. My only rule for this, the wrestler can't be signed to WWE.

Chainsaw King vs Jeff Cobb - Let's start with the big boy match. The most popular wrestling in FLW vs one of the most versatile guys going today. Jeff Cobb is a wrestling machine, and he can do things guys his size shouldn't be allowed to do. Chainsaw King has matched up well again opponents of varying sizes. This is a match that would be a lot of fun, and in a match with no rules, it could contend for Match of the Year.

Darin Corbin vs Royce Issacs - "The Ginger Ninja", despite what the fans want to believe about the biggest villain in FLW, can really go in the ring. When looking at the indy scene, there needs to be someone else who can keep up with Corbin. One of the best up-and-coming stars is Royce Issacs. Issacs has been honing his craft overseas in Japan, and his style would mesh very well with Corbin. Plus he just oozes charisma and could easily get the fans on his side.

Duke Cornell vs Scorpio Sky - The recently single Cornell can go toe to toe with anyone in a fight. He's one of the toughest guys on the roster, and who better to match up than one of the best high flyers on the indies today? This would be a very fun match.

Kody Rice vs "All Good" Anthony Greene - Green is a mainstay on the North East Indies, and he's had battles against guys the size of Kody. When you work that match, you need to know how to work that style, and All Good is perfect for that. 

Arik Cannon vs Caleb Konley - Arik is the seasoned vet of the locker room. He's been around the country and can go any style. One of the best young lions on the scene, Caleb Konley, is like a young Chris Jericho, both in style and attitude. The catch-as-catch style mixed with some high flyer and ground and pound would make for a great match.  

The Whirlwind Gentlemen vs OI4K - The Gents, former FLW tag champs have been through battles all around d the globe together. They need a team that can be hard hitting, and OI4K, Jake and Dave Crist, would fit this bill.  The styles here mesh perfectly. 

Some of these matches could happen one day, while other are a dream. Suffice to say, each and every one of them would be nothing short of entertaining. 

Brad Reiter