Can Joey Anderson and Duke Cornell be fixed?

It was one of the most shocking moments in Fully Loaded Wrestling History. Joey Anderson and Duke Cornell appeared to be on the verge of becoming FLW Tag champs once again. They had both Clutch and Sugar Brown laying prone in the corner. With Joey on his shoulders Duke was ready to collide with the Bonu$ Boyz in one of the many tremendous patented Guns & Beer moves. When suddenly, Joey slid down, lifted Duke into the air, and spiked him head first onto the mat. The Bonu$ Boyz would retain their tag gold night one of Over the Line. A friendship fractured possibly beyond repair. we thought. Now, the most unlikeliest of counselors has stepped forward, JJ Cash. We sat down with JJ to ask him why he, of all people, would want Guns & Beer back together. 



FLW: Mr. Cash let's get right to it. Why, why you of all people would want to see Guns & Beer stay together?


JJ: Well for one thing I'm a business man first and foremost. I have my differences with Duke Cornell and Bo Gott of Guns & Beer. I took care of that in January of 2016. It's been a long time since that incident and it's been even longer since G&B punched and fired me. So, to me that's ancient history and now I'm a FLW Committee member. The most important thing is for FLW to make money. GnB is the longest running brand in this company. It's a franchise worth keeping because of its drawing power. 


FLW: Fans don't trust you and they think this is a trap. How will you convince them it isn't?


JJ: I can't convince anyone of anything until August 25th at The Vegas Motel. I understand my reputation. I get that I'm one of the least trustworthy people in this company. I'm driven for selfish reasons here though. I'm not doing this out of the kindness that doesn't exist in my heart. I'm driven by money, pure and simple. I don't care about Duke or Joey on a personal level. Trust me, don't trust me, I don't care what the fans think of me. I care that Duke and Joey will come and sit down with me and talk this out. 


FLW: How do you plan on fixing GnB?


JJ: A plea to the ego of course. Most people pretend their ego doesn't exist. Most pretend that they are above such things. I, I know that that isn't true. Everyone can be brought up by a simple play to the ego. I'm not saying that in a nefarious way either. Don't misconstrue what I'm saying. August 25th Guns & Beer will be reunited by me and FLW will be better for it. 


FLW: Thank you for talking with us. 


JJ: I didn't have a choice. Now, get out of my office I have calls to make. 



It's our sincerest hope that Mr. Cash can do what many deem the impossible, bring G&B back together again.