Fully Loaded Predictions - Embarra$$ment of Riches

This Friday, August 25, FLW returns to The Vegas Motel in Minot, ND with one of the biggest weekends of the year, Embarrassment of Riches. The 2 day extravaganza will be headlined with one of the most anticipated FLW Title matches in recent memory as best friends, Macen Mayham will be taking on long time friend, and current FLW Champion, Mr. Inkredible. This is a match that will surely be filled with action and emotion.

Before we get to the main event on Saturday, the 26th, though, there will be a ton of action on Friday, the 25th. It will be filled with debuts and heated feuds. Let's take a look at what the card holds in store for us, and my predictions for the outcomes!

Last year, Bobby Brennan burst on to the scene. The baby faced No Limits Champion tore through competition like Darin Corbin, and Tommy Lee Curtis to become FLW Rookie of the Year. Since then, he was able to win the No Limits Championship in an amazing tournament after his mentor "Money" Matt Cage had to relinquish the title when he wouldn't be able to compete due to previous commitments and his retirement. Brennan has made a great champion and has turned away all on comers so far. This Friday he will be taking on the debuting Chaz Anthony. Chaz looks to make a name for himself at the expense of last year's ROTY. This should be a fun match, and we look forward to seeing what Chaz can bring. Brennan will be too much for the rookie however, and Bobby will walk away with the win here. WINNER: And Still No Limits Champion Bobby Brennan

Current Outlaw Champion, Duke Cornell has issued an open challenge for his title. These type of matches are always fun, as you never know who will show up. Will it be a face we've seen before, will it be a new wrestler to the company? No matter who it is, I can't see Cornell taking it easy here. He's going to come out of the match the same way he walked in, as Outlaw Champion. WINNER: And Still Outlaw Champion Duke Cornell

A few months ago, a dark character debuted, Orin Veidt. The man of mystery has made it clear that he's coming after long time FLW fan favorite Chainsaw King. This month, he placed a bounty on the head of King, and Mentallo, from Canadian Wrestling's Elite, has decided to pick up the bounty. King has an edge to him and can bring the violence. He's going to be sending a message to Veidt, and he'll walk away with the victory here. WINNER: Chainsaw King

Speaking of Bobby Brennan, there needs to be a #1 contender to his title, and who better to fight it out over that spot than long time foes Darin Corbin and Arik Cannon. these men have battled all over the country, and know each other so well. They never cease to put on a great match, and to be crowned #1 contender to a title that Corbin once held, this will be no different. Corbin is one half of the current FLW Tag Team champions, along with Kody Rice. Will Corbin be able to win here and move on to add another piece of hardware to his waste? Cannon is on a hell of streak right now, and he'd love to taste gold in FLW. This is one of the hardest matches to decide as there's so much on the line for both men. As a long time fan of Corbin, he's the reason I first got into FLW, I have to go against my heart and pick "The Official PBR Pro Wrestler" Arik Cannon to pick up the victory here. WINNER: And #1 Contender for the No Limits Championship Arik Cannon

Before their epic showdown on Saturday night, Macen Mayham and Mr. Inkredible will both be in action Friday night again other competition. Macen will be taking on Scott Story while Mr. Inkredible takes on the mysterious man of mystery, El Sacapuntos. I think both men walk away winners before their showdown, but it won't be easy for either. Look past someone like Scott Story or El Sacapuntos, and they could be looking up at the lights. WINNERS: (in their separate matches) Macen Mayham and Mr. Inkredible

Besides these great match-ups, Sylvester J. Fox will be in the house. Will he be scouting to add talent to his ever growing stable of Sly Guys, or will he be there to show the world his newest acquisition? He's been traveling the country looking for the next member of the prestigious group.

If you can't make it to Minot, ND for this, keep an eye out for these matches on FLW TV found on the Fite app or the YouTube channel!

Brad Reiter