How Alister Diamond Changed FLW's Future

Let's take you back to our first ever event. March of 2015 was an exciting time for Fully Loaded Wrestling. We were making plans for our first event. We were going to crown tag, outlaw, and heavyweight champions. The Heavyweight Title Tournament was stacked with new and familiar faces to the North Dakota wrestling scene. The tag title scene saw some incredible new talents as well. This isn't about those titles however, no. This is about a man who was only with FLW for two events and then was never heard from again.

Alister Diamond was a creepy, weird, and enigmatic character. Alister was set to debut for FLW and take on the long established Dirty Ernie. Alister made a series of videos and cryptic images calling out the veteran grappler. Diamond was looking to take FLW to darker places than any independent fed had in North Dakota. He was theatrics, he was different, and he was scary. Along the way however an injury took Ernie out of the event. Ernie had bone spurs that had to be removed and he couldn't wrestle. So, who was going to step up to wrestle a weirdo like Diamond? Who could possibly want to willingly get in the ring with a self proclaimed sadist? That man, that individual, would be Chainsaw King.

King had never been much of a fan favorite in North Dakota in his time here previous to FLW. King hadn't found his connection with the audience...yet. Diamond, the evil twisted man that he is, was the perfect person to allow King to connect with the Minot audience. Diamond was immediately hated by the Minot faithful. Diamond and his creepy silent valet Rose shocked the audience night one with a performance art piece that involved choking Rose and "resurrecting" her. The crowd was ready for a hero to step up and fight the psycho they saw before them. When the now familiar Chainsaw sound effect hit the crowd rose with excitement. 

The two men battled over two nights and they beat the hell out of each other. After Alister choked King with a chain and left him motionless the crowd didn't know what to think. Here was a giant of a man, who had won, but he didn't look victorious. No, it wasn't until night two in a Fully Loaded Street Fight that King would look the part of the victor. King beat Diamond all around The Vegas Motel and laid waste the darkest individual to grace FLW. King went from unliked and somewhat unknown to a fan favorite thanks to his destruction of Diamond. 

FLW fans know the rest of the story. King would go unbeaten for over 600 days, he'd be heavyweight champion for over 300 days, and become the most beloved man in FLW. Would King have been so popular without Diamond as his first antagonist? Probably, but it was Diamond that first took on the King. Without the darkness it'd be hard to see the light that would become Chainsaw Nation. No one knows what happened to Alister Diamond but one thing is for certain, in his short time here he changed a lot about FLW's future. 

Jared Gebhardt